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Caitlin & Zach // Loveland family photographer

Boys. Playgrounds. Giggles and quiet moments. Caitlin and Zach booked their family session with me more than a month ago, and it took a few tries to nail down a date with good weather. When their photo day arrived, we were treated to an incredible November afternoon. Of course, Kale and Greyson weren't too keen on sitting still for photos, so we adjusted our tactics to doing what boys do best: playing. Capturing them running and laughing and begin obnxious is the best kind of photography! Of course, in the midst of the craziness, I stole mom and dad away for a few minutes of quiet time and photos. It's one of my favorite few minutes of any session. All I can say is this family is so beautiful, inside and out. I'm honored to have been able to take their 2015 photos. Happy Holidays!

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