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Holly + Carson // night engagement session // Ft Collins photographer

There is a magical feel in the air with the twinkle of Old Town lights. The bustle of socializing, smells of good food, and music on every corner all mix to provide an electric atmosphere. I met Holly and Carson for a night time engagement session, and we enjoyed some unique lighting and architecture for a fun set of images.

Ft Collins is a great location for photos! With natural areas, parks, and hiking trails, and the urban feel of Old Town, there are so darn many great options.

The lights of Old Town are up from late November to mid February, so if you're looking for a unique setting contact me today to book your session!

I can't wait for this couple's July wedding! These two can dance and it's so fun to watch. Their connection is magnetic and whimsical. We think we laughed more than we shot and I'm fairly certain they've gotten the "dip" down to a science.

And of course, a huge thanks to my assistent and great friend, Yvette. You're a rockin' light holder!


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