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Krista J. // Professional headshot photographer // Colorado wedding photographer

I instantly liked Krista the moment I met her. Fun, bubbly, self-proclaimed "awkward", and full of life. I love people who can find joy in the most hidden places and Krista is one of these people.

Owner of Juhl Photography, Krista is a super talented creative and entrepreneur herself. She desperately needed new headshots for her website, so we met up at Carter Lake west of Loveland for a quick mini session. It's terrifying being on the front side of the camera (I know, who would've thought?!), especially as a photographer. We find ourselves awkward and have a difficult time practicing the things we "preach" to our clients. And of course, we are our own worst critics!

I'm so proud of this girl, she jumped out of her comfort zone and totally rocked her session. Here are my favorites!

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