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Becky & Jamie || Ft Collins Wedding Photography

It was hot and bright, a typical Colorado summer day. A rain shower passed by in the early afternoon as Becky prepared herself to marry her soul mate. Jamie shared some laughs with his closest guys as guests began to arrive. As Becky walked down the aisle, Jamie's eyes filled with tears as he was overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing his Bride for the first time. And, after a heart-felt ceremony, the two became one.

Every wedding is so unique. Each couple's love story is unique. Becky and Jamie met during collage in Laramie, WY. After a brief introduction, the two didn't see each other over the summer. The next fall, they were reunited and began their journey towards forever.

Becky and Jamie shared their first date swing dancing that ended with a walk back to the dorms during a light snow fall. Their winter traditions continued each year with going out to see Christmas lights, during which Jamie found a peaceful area at a park to ask Becky to marry him.

Jamie was an avid fly fisherman, and before he knew it, Becky was there fishing by his side! Their combined love for fishing and the outdoors was carried throughout their wedding with the decor.

On June 25, these two great souls vowed themselves to each other forever. They were surrounded by an overwhelming love. Even Becky's grandmother, at 95 years old, flew in from out of state to see her grand-daughter's marriage. They have a bright future and I'm so honored to have been a tiny part of their big day!

Venue: Our Saviour's Lutheran Church + The Lodge at MacKenzie Place

Second Photographer: Katie Irvine

Flowers: Rowe's Flowers

Cake: Michelle Witt

Catering: Carter's Creative Catering

My name is Sarah and I specialize in adventurous couples who believe in romance, slow-dancing under the stars, and living genuine lives in the outdoors.

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