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Siobhan & Marc || Palagetto - Agriturismo Niccolai || San Gimignano, Tuscan Region, Italy Photog

When Brian and I first began planning our vacation to Italy, I had a tiny dream in my heart to shoot a photo session while traveling. Beautiful Tuscan countryside, wineries, ancient buildings, all the lovely things that make Italy, Italy. As the trip neared, I had one solid session booked for Rome but nothing for our time in the San Gimignano area.

We arrived to Agriturismo Niccolai, the Bed & Breakfast accommodations of Palagetto Winery near San Gimignano, Italy after 38 hours of travel. Exhausted but completely enthralled with the countryside landscapes, we enjoyed a delicious dinner on site and crashed out to sleep 12 hours.

The next day, my dream came true. Enter: Siobhan (pronounced she-von) and Marc. This wonderful couple arrived to the property for a short stay after some time in Venice and before travelling on to Rome. These two were celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary in style! We hit it off quickly and being the crazy bold photographer that I am, I asked them if they'd be interested in a photo session in Tuscany. Of course, with some shifty skeptical eyes, they said YES!

They dressed up and we spent an hour exploring the vineyards and beautiful old property of Agriturismo Niccolai. DREAM COME TRUE. What a fun evening! Being able to capture the beauty of the Italian countryside and the celebration of two people in love is my jam.

Thank you, Siobhan and Marc. You are truly great people. I feel blessed to have met you and spent some time together during our short stay. Happy Anniversary!

My name is Sarah and I specialize in adventurous couples who believe in romance, slow-dancing under the stars, and living genuine lives in the outdoors.

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