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Karen & Edward - Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding - Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

As a Colorado wedding photographer, I'm well aware of the variety we have in weather during any given season. Especially winter. I totally admit, when Karen and Ed booked me for their January Arrowhead Golf Club wedding last summer, I was totally picturing the worst: driving to the wedding in a blizzard or ice storm, sliding off the road into a ditch somewhere, or arriving to shoot the outdoor wedding in 5 degree temperatures haha!

As grace would have it, we were totally blessed with a beautiful January day with a few passing clouds and slight breeze, leftover patches of snow, and a bride in groom COMPLETELY smitten with each other.

Karen and Ed met on Capitol Hill. Karen works as a lobbyist and had arranged to meet with Ed to discuss a piece of legislation he authored on behalf of Senator Hatch. After several meetings, and having wrapped up work on the bill, they decided to go on their first date. On that first date, they both quickly knew this was something different and special. And so, after approval from the Senate Ethics Committee and a declarative letter to the Senator, they fell in love and haven't looked back.

"He'll say she lobbied him for a date, but it really was the Geospatial Data Act!"

Two months into dating, Ed asked Karen to travel with him on a road trip to a lake in the middle of nowhere in Canada. Karen agreed and they drove 3,000 miles to Lac Manicouagan to check it off Ed's bucket list! Karen said, "I was in love, what can I say? I probably would have followed him just about anywhere!" They camped at the lake, saw the northern lights for the first time, and knew they'd found the one.

Golf had always been a part of their relationship, since their first date during a rained-out day of golf. On their one-year anniversary, Ed suggested a "do-over" of their first date and go play a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington DC. After rushing home that day from work to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers, they arrived to the golf course. Right as they teed off on Hole 6, Air Force One flew over them! Shortly after, as Karen was frustrated with a few missed shots, Ed came up to her, got down on a knee, and asked her to marry him.

They chose Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton as a shout-out to their love for golf along with its natural Colorado beauty. Being from the state, they desperately wanted the beautiful scenery by which to remember their big day.

Being our first wedding of 2017, we were so thrilled to celebrate with this incredible couple! They treated us like family and the day went off without a hitch. My best wishes to you both, Karen and Ed! Enjoy your photos and may you have many, MANY years of amazing adventures together.

Venue: Arrowhead Golf Club, Littleton CO

Second Photographer: Chandra Thompson

Flowers: Privé Events

Hair & Makeup: CMP Bridal (Crystal Pletkovic)

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