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Siarra & Zac - Greeley Engagement Session - Greeley Wedding Photographer

It's one thing to take photos of random people. It's a entirely different fulfilling experience to get to know someone as you take photographs of them. In my line of work, building friendships is one of the biggest and most rewarding asset I have. Siarra and Zac are no exception!

As soon as I met Siarra over coffee to chat about their wedding plans, I knew we'd be a great fit. She was personable, excited about her their future, and a total down-to-earth person. Oh and she knows one of my best friends from a past job they worked at together. Small world!

Siarra and Zac met through mutual friends while enjoying a night out in Fort Collins. They went out to dinner one night and spent the night out so late that the next day they sat and played Yahtzee for 8 hours trying to rest! Siarra remembers fondly playing catch football in a backyard the summer they met and laying in the grass with Zac afterward.

Zac proposed to her last December. They were moving a new mattress in, and the ring fell from his pocket! It gave him away and proposed right then and there! These two love playing golf and watching good ol' Game of Thrones.

We met for their Greeley engagement session and were totally surprised that the parking area was closed off and the Poudre River had flooded the area! But instead of chickening out and changing locations, these two shrugged it off and decided to have some fun. We sloshed through the small river flowing around the area, laughing at the situation, and drying off in the grass. What a fun story!

Here are some of my favorites from their session! Enjoy you two! I can't wait for your wedding in a few months!

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