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Ariel & Ben - Cheyenne Wedding - Wyoming Wedding Photographer

Ben is from California. Ariel is from Florida. They had humble beginnings, meeting in Cheyenne, Wyoming of all places. They had attended church together for some time, but Ben was often running the tech and sound booth so they never really met. Until the Corvette brought them together...

Ariel's dad purchased Corvette for a smokin' deal and gifted her with it (I know.... what a dad!!). When Ariel brought the car to church one Sunday, she came out to find it surrounded by men from the church, kickin' tires and discussing it. Of course, Ben got word of the car and had to come see, officially meeting Ariel in the process.

Ariel travels the country for Chick-Fil-A so we got our schedules out and first got their engagement session on the calendar. They loved the idea of a beautiful, winter Rockies shoot so of course we spent an evening exploring the Horseshoe Park side of Rocky Mountain National Park.

You can check out their epic Rocky Mountain National Park engagement photos here!

Then on June 4, I joined these two as they spoke their vows and sealed their forever surrounded by dear family and friends. Their heart-felt ceremony at Cheyenne Hills Church was beautiful and laid the perfect foundation for these two to begin their lives together. Afterward, we partied the evening away at Terry Bison Ranch and even took photos with their resident camels!

These two exited their celebration under the warm glow of sparklers and drove into the night in their Corvette.

I'm so thrilled to share a few of my favorites from their big day. Ariel and Ben, I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and travels!

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