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Shayne & Tyler - A Country Wedding at McC Ranch - Loveland Wedding Photography

When Shayne and Tyler told me they wanted to do their engagement photos in Rocky Mountain National Park in the winter and that they had booked their venue because it was close to the mountains, I knew we'd be a perfect fit. And if you missed their beautiful snowy engagement photos, you have to check them out here!

If I had to describe these two in three words, it would be: gracious, joyful, and playful.

Shayne and Tyler are high school sweethearts, meeting for the first time officially in Economics class. Tyler began to notice a quiet and cute Shayne but particularly how confident she was. Being a young (yes, young!) 18 years old, Tyler was almost too scared to talk to her but worked up the courage to send her a Facebook message asking about Econ homework. Shayne had seen Tyler write down the homework the day before and instantly knew his "plan" but decided to talk to him anyway. They continued talking and doing homework together, and shared a first date at a cheap movie theater on St. Patrick's Day in 2012.

Tyler surprised Shayne with a special date night in Old Town Ft Collins on Christmas Eve last year, complete with a carriage ridge and dinner at their favorite restaurant. After dinner, they walked back to Old Town Square where Tyler handed Shayne an envelope with three cards inside, each highlighting different points of our relationship. The first card was the past.... the second card recapped their last few years together and the final card was our future. The card said... "December 24, 2016: The day I asked you to be my wife." He dropped to one knee and all Shayne could get out was "YES!".

These two chose McC Ranch for its close proximity and views of the Colorado foothills and laid-back ranch feel. As their day approached, Shayne and her mom DIY'd their flowers and got everything in place: a brunch reception with coffee bar and in-house fresh-made omelets, lawn games, and a grand exit Mustang.

When asked their favorite wedding memory, they said: "Our first look was by far our favorite wedding memory. I was so excited and nervous for Tyler to turn around. I (Tyler) was tearing up before I even got ready for it. We knew it would be a special moment, but the emotion of the moment far surpassed our expectations. We had talked about and planned for the day for many months, and to share a moment to ourselves before being joined as husband and wife will be something we both remember for the rest of our lives. We were glad that we did the first look because it was a special moment that would not have been captured otherwise, and it gave us time to reflect on all that we had been through to get to that point. God was definitely present in that special moment." <excuse me while I wipe back the tears>

Congratulations, you two! My heart is so full from your big day and I pray for your future blessings as you begin grad school and new careers!

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