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Monica & Frank - Mountaintop Engagement in Rocky Mountain National Park - Estes Park Wedding Pho

I'm so happy to be photographing this couple's wedding next month! Monica actually knew my husband three years ago during Grad school at UNC in the music education program. She is a string Bass player, while Brian is a trombone-ist. They both graduated and began teaching careers shortly after and kept in touch over Facebook. Monica has always followed my photography work and is the sweetest, most vibrant person! When she got engaged and contacted me to book for their wedding, I was thrilled!

Monica and Frank met online (another one for the win!) and are planning a fall wedding next month. We met in the ever-beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park for their engagement photos. They wanted an "epic mountain view" vibe to their photos.... what better area than this for those vistas?! As has been common over the past month, we dodged thunderstorms and clouds during their session but enjoyed amazing views of Horseshoe Park, CCY (Chapin, Chaquita, Ypsilon), and Mummy from treeline on Trail Ridge Road.

These two are so sweet together, all giggles and inside jokes. They are clearly in love and have such a bright future togther. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from their engagement photo session. Cheers!

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