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Kayla & Alex - Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement - Estes Park Wedding Photographer

You guys, if you're gonna lock your keys in your car during a session with real clients, Kayla and Alex are the clients it should be with! Haha, I partially kid. But partially not.

This engagement session will not be soon forgotten. When we met just inside the Entrance Station, the sky was a beautiful mix of clouds and sun. By the time we arrived to Bear Lake for engagement photos, a large storm had moved in and began raining at the lake. Instead of freaking out, these two embraced the crazy sideways rain and we rocked it! As we walked around Bear Lake, the weather lightened up a bit and we decided to head down the road to another spot for a few more finishing photos. Well, it didn't exactly happen like that...

We walked back to our cars, I popped open my back hatch, dropped my gear inside, and closed the door. I walked to my driver door, realizing that it was still locked. No biggie, I walked back to my hatch to grab my keys and it was LOCKED. LOCKED SOLID. Not opening. Locked.

Don't panic. My car is SUPPOSED to sense where the key fob is.... and if it's INSIDE the car, the car won't lock. But every door was locked. CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP. My phone, my keys, my umbrellas, EVERYTHING was inside the locked car.

Kayla and Alex were AMAZING. Kayla kept me calm (shouldn't it be the other way around?! Haha!) and we decided to drive down the road to find cell phone service to call AAA. Of course, Kayla's call got dropped due to spotty cell service. And as we sat on the side of the road trying to get a call through, it started to rain AGAIN. I decided to call my husband (who was 1.5 hours away at home) to see if he could drive our spare key up to meet us. Oh man, what a sinking feeling!

Long story short, I rode back down to Estes to meet Brian with our key, hopped in his car, rode back up to Bear Lake, and opened my car.

Come to find out, my car IS supposed to sense the key fob while it's inside the car but for some reason, DIDN'T sense it inside my camera bag! So in reality, I didn't lock my key in my car..... it was my car's fault haha! <sarcastic eye roll>

Getting to know Kayla and Alex and talk about their upcoming wedding plans was such a highlight! And dodging the raindrops was certainly an adventure. These two are getting married in just three weeks in Estes Park and I cannot WAIT to celebrate with them!

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