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Krista & Brandon - A Vintage Steampunk Farm Wedding - Colorado Wedding Photographer

For some people, photography is in the blood. The ability to create, envision, and capture is irresistible. Krista and Brandon are these people. One of the first times they hung out, they drove around aimlessly taking photos of anything and everything that came along. According to Krista, "Brandon got some seriously amazing shots of an angry squirrel that day"!

I met Krista almost two years ago through a Facebook group for local photographers. She was looking for updated headshot photos of herself but was a little timid to be on the front side of the camera. I reached out to her and reassured her she is beautiful, wonderful, and worthy of amazing portraits. We met up at Carter Lake for her headshots and it was magic.

When Krista asked me to photograph her and Brandon's upcoming steampunk-themed, vintage farm wedding I couldn't pass it up! She's such a sweet person and has grown as a friend over the last year.

Krista shared decoration ideas and plans as their big day approached. From the black and gold art deco color palette to her AMAZING vintage-style wedding dress and their 1920's wedding party attire, every detail was beautifully thought out and executed!

A week before the wedding, the crazy Colorado weather forecast wasn't looking ideal. We prepared for a day of rain and cool temperatures; I assured Krista we'd rock umbrellas if need be! And sure enough, a state-wide cold front moved in and dumped rain for three days straight the weekend of their wedding.

I arrived to Krista's mom's house to photograph the ladies preparing and she was all smiles. We enjoyed a break in the rain to do portraits outside before driving out to the farm to get her married! Everything had been moved into a machine shed for the ceremony and reception as the rain continued. While their day didn't go exactly as planned, it was an amazing time of love and celebration!

Krista's favorite wedding memory: "Brandon is not an emotional person. I was totally taken by surprise and deeply moved when I saw him teary eyed as I walked into the shop on our wedding day. I'm not sure if it was the pressure of the day, the plans that were completely ruined by hard rain all day, or if maybe he really was happy to see me?! But I'm going to go with he was happy to see me. Our wedding day definitely didn't go as planned, but just as I suspected, the best moment of the day is finally seeing your honey and getting to be together."

These two love grilling and making dinner together, and often go shooting (cameras and guns! woop woop!) and driving around the eastern Colorado countryside. They appreciate art and enjoy the simple things in life together.

I had a wonderful time with everyone and can't wait to finish up their beautiful online gallery. Here are a few of my favorites from their special day.

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