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2017 Behind-the-Scenes: Year in Review

I can't help but deeply reflect on this past year. It was my second full-time year of wedding photography and it was filled with amazing couples, belly laughs, LOTS of tears (mostly good!), and growth. I'm left with a collection of memories that won't soon be forgotten and have made so many new friends from my couples.

Of course, I say "I" a lot. After all, this is SARAH GOFF Photography. But really, it's my team that were the superstars this past year. Without the love and support and craziness of a few select people, I wouldn't be where I'm at. Most of my couples were graced with Brian's presence at their wedding: playing dog-wrangler, water boy, light-stand guru, timeline stickler, and 3rd angle. His always-positive encouragement has allowed me to push beyond my self-induced limits and reach for the sky. His presence allows me to breathe in the moments around me, be completely submerged in documenting each and every wedding in it's entirety. Secondly, I've had the honor and priveledge of working with a few INCREDIBLE photographers. Earlier this year, Christina Gonzales of McGonzo Photo (check out her newborn and family work, beautiful!) climbed on board as one of my second wedding shooters. It's been so fun watching her experiment, create, and grow. Our friendship has also grown and I now consider her one of my besties. Her talent and ability to gel with me during wedding season has been an enormous blessing.

It's a fun time of year, to look back and remember the highs and lows of each wedding. Each wedding being unique and beautiful and always a challenge. Here is a look at our 2017 season behind-the-scenes and outtakes. What a ride.

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