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A Summer Country Wedding at Younger Ranch - Colorado Springs Mountain Wedding Photographer - Sarah G

I met Madison and Brandon over brews at Grimm Bros in Loveland and it was "friends at first sight". These two are passionate and fun-loving and we connected on so many levels! As geologists in the Woodland Park area, they have a love for the outdoors and even have a cat named Granite.

They met in school. Brandon sat behind Madi trying to work up the nerve to talk to her. Finally at a mutual friends birthday party, they started talking and Madi revealed that she had always wanted to learn to fly fish. Brandon grabbed her number and asked her out the next morning. He brought fishing gear, she brought sandwiches and beer, and he picked her up in his old pickup to go fly fishing. They didn't catch any fish and they both decided they didn't want anything serious in a relationship.... Famous last words, because now these two are married!

Brandon and Madi were home on break from living in Namibia, Africa and Brandon asked her if she wanted to go camping. Madi had just started a new job at the Cripple Creek Gold Mine with a different schedule so they had to cancel the camping trip. Instead they decided to go fishing on the South Platte River near their house for the day. Brandon was cool as a cucumber (he even put the ring in her day pack, sneaky!) and when they found a secluded place, he asked if I remembered our first date. Madi responded "yes, we didn't catch anything". As she turned around, Brandon was on one knee with the ring tied to the fishing line. He said "I'm hoping to catch something a little better this time" She said YES and they spent a perfect afternoon fishing and drinking beers.

Madi's favorite thing about Brandon "is that he is the most kind person I've ever met. He's incredibly funny, sweet, and is ALWAYS concerned with what is right and fair. He has a kind of confident calmness about him that really calms me down. Also he and I are very private and rarely share personal information (the wedding was a huge show of affection for us), usually I feel like we're part of an exclusive best friends club and he makes me the VIP member."

Brandon's favorite thing about Madi "is that she is a strong independent woman that knows exactly what she wants and is will to do anything to achieve her dreams. This makes me feel extremely special because she makes it very clear that she always wants to be with me. Plus she is a fox."

These two chose Younger Ranch for it's views of Pikes Peak and Colorado feel. Their wedding day was warm and sunny, and they celebrated with the most amazing friends and family. When asked, Madi's favorite wedding memory was "the first look, when he turned around I could see in his face that he thought I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Plus getting ready was crazy and spending that moment together in the woods made me relax a lot! I wanted to talk to him so much that I said hi before I was supposed to because I just wanted to spend time with him!"

Brandon's favorite wedding memory was "watching Madi walk down the aisle with her dad, in that moment I wasn't thinking about any of the planning or crazy hectic stuff. It felt like there was nothing else, just me and her looking at each other. All my nervousness went away and I knew that everything would be alright because we were getting married and that I really loved her more than anything."

Their biggest wedding planning advice is to give yourself plenty of time and don't compromise on the the most important things to you! You may ruffle some feathers along the way, but the morning after the wedding, all you will be thinking is "it could not have been more perfect, we had so much fun".

Madi and Brandon are planning several trips this year around the world and love adventuring together! These two hold a special place in my heart and I'm thrilled to share some of my favorite images from their wedding. CONGRATS, you two!

Flowers: Dawn's Creations

Coordination: Jasmine Henley

Dress: Danelle's Bridal Boutique

HMUA: Chateau de Beaute Salon DJ: Blue Moon Entertainment INC. 2nd Photographer: Christina Gonzales

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