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Dani and Josh's Fall Wedding in the Colorado Mountains - Wedgewood Weddings Mountain View Ranch

When Danielle came back to my booth at a bridal show earlier this year to ask a few more questions, I hoped her and Josh would choose me to photograph their fall wedding in the mountain. We scheduled a meetup at a local brewery and I promptly didn't get the appointment in my calendar correctly. I was chin-deep in editing engagement sessions when I noticed a text from Dani on my phone, warning me about a traffic wreck they hit on the way to the brewery. It was an HOUR LATE that I received their message. MORTIFIED, I called Dani and her and Josh were so nonchalant, still enjoying beers together. I may or may not have driven 90 mph to meet them that day, and even with my mix up we hit it off so well! And before I left, they had already chosen me to photograph their wedding.

Dani and Josh met as freshman at CSU eleven years ago when a mutual friend was moving and needed some moving help. A few months later during finals, Dani desperately needed study help for her chemistry final and remembered "that guy" who was a chemistry minor. She frantically asked a friend to call him in to help her study and the rest is history. They shared a first date shortly after at Hu Hot Mongolian Grill in Fort Collins.

It was immediately clear that these two were a perfect match. Josh instantly loved Dani's kindness and Dani enjoyed being able to be herself around Josh. They are both pretty nerdy. Between Josh's love of Star Wars and Dani's love of Harry Potter, and their shared love of reading and playing games, they quickly became best friends.

One weekend last fall, Dani and Josh decided to spend a day in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park to practice with her new camera. The weekend rolled in, rainy and cold. Naturally, Josh came along and was a good sport. They mosied through the Park and ended up at Dani's favorite location: Sprague Lake. They walked around the lake halfway, but the area was closed for construction. They turned around to walk the other way to find a moose! After Dani pretended to be one of the "big dog" photographers taking photos of the moose, Josh finally pulled her away and they continued around the lake. At the dock overlooking the peaks, Dani insisted on taking a "nice, normal photos of the two of them, for once!". She got her tripod set up and took a few photos using the timer. Oddly, Josh was adament that he had blinked during the photos and wanted one more. Before she knew it, Josh was down on one knee with a ring! He used his phone to shutter the camera remotely and capture the entire thing without her knowing it! And of course, SHE SAID YES!

These two chose Wedgewood Wedding Mountain View Ranch as the backdrop for their incredible day. The weather was probably the most perfect possible! With a slight breeze and cool, fall temps, we enjoyed the changing aspen leaves and bluebird skies. They had even chosen royal blue and emerald green as their wedding colors to compliment the natural surroundings, with pops of wildflowers. It was BEAUTIFUL.

When asked about their favorite wedding memory, they said "Our first dance! It finally clicked that we were actually finally married and we just got to have a beautiful, loving moment together".

The couple's biggest wedding planning advice: "HIRE SARAH!!! (can we put that on your blog?!) Also, start planning early. Don't rush to get married by a certain time. When it quits being fun to plan, just remember that it really does all come together and no matter what, it's a magical day and at the end, you're married! Nothing that didn't go as planned will change the fact that you now have each other forever."

Dani and Josh plan to travel the world and continue nerding together. I just adore these two! I'm honored to have shared in their joy!

Bride's Dress: Dora Grace Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Rachel Howlett

Bagpiper: Wesly Simonson

2nd Photographer: Christina Gonzales

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