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Alison & Wes' Summer Wedding at Mount Vernon Canyon Club - Golden, Colorado Wedding Photographer

Alison and Wes met at a mutual friend's wedding, where they were seated next to each other on purpose, in hopes there would be a spark. Alison is a realtor, and as they were talking, Wes mentioned he might be in the market to purchase. Their first few dates consisted of looking at potential homes in the morning and then movies, festivals, or long walks in the evenings. They spent long days together where their relationship quickly turned romantic. Their matched sense of humor and ability to be themselves was a perfect fit. Eventually they shared a real first date for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, which was fitting as one of their favorite activities together is EATING! These are my sort of people!

When it came time to take the next step, Wes took Alison back to the venue where they first met, and told her that they were there for a surprise birthday party for a friend (it actually was the friend's birthday that day!). As Alison remembered the place, Wes walked her to the garden in front of the venue and was only able to get three words out of his mouth before the waterworks started with both of them! He finally was able to drop to a knee and ask Alison to marry him. It was music to his ears when she said YES!

As with many couples, wedding planning during a pandemic proved to be frustrating, challenging, and character building. They decided to get married last year during a small private ceremony, and planned the big wedding celebration for this year. They chose Mount Vernon Canyon Club for it's beautiful wedding deck views. Their wedding day arrived in true Colorado fashion: hot, sunny, and a tad smoky. We were blessed to still have some visibility of the surrounding mountains and Alison and Wes were all smiles as they shared a First Look in their wedding attire. It was a special moment as Alison waited months for Wes to see her dress and she took Wes' breath away as he turned around to see her.

They re-affirmed their vows with the onlook of their friends and family, shared a very unique beautiful first dance, and partied the evening away! These two have big plans to travel and experience other cultures and foods. It was such a wonderful day, congrats you two!

The couple's biggest wedding planning advice: "Keep the wedding party small, it's easier to delegate and plan the smaller the wedding party is. Know where to spend and where to save (great photographers are worth EVERY penny)."

Vendor Dream Team:

Venue: Mount Vernon Canyon Club

Flowers: Sara Mica Design

Cake: Daniels Of Paris / Le Petite Bakery

Hair: Rollers and Rouge

Videography: Wedding Videos Colorado

2nd Photographer: McGonzo Photo

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