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Best of 2020: Year in Review and Behind-the-Scenes

2020. What a weird year.

One year ago, we were hearing news stories of a crazy contagious virus that had unleashed itself in China and watched as the Chinese government literally popped up new hospitals to treat people with the virus. Never in a million years did I think, "Oh crap, this could effect us here in the States!".

Welp, I was wrong.

Within two months, we were under lockdown in a Stay-at-Home order. Now a year later, we have learned how to move forward with our lives and adapt to a new "normal". And while business wasn't the bumper crop we had hoped for, we still got to celebrate with the best couples who made some pretty sweet lemonade out of 2020 lemons.

Sitting down to brainstorm this post, I find I am lacking in words and inspiration. What I am inspired by are the beautiful locations, couples, and moments we were able to capture! I am so thankful for the clients who trusted us with their big days and made photography a priority.

We started our 2020 wedding season in June with a small backyard wedding in Colorado Springs for the sweetest couple (Lacy and Will!), drove endless miles into Rocky Mountain National Park for elopements and engagements, enjoyed exploring the Pueblo area with Carrieann and Ronald at Brush Canyon Ranch, dodged cars in downtown Denver streets with Rebecca and Daniel, fed deer with Maegan and Shaw at Deer Creek Mountain Camp, and shot approximately 80,000 frames.

This time of year, it's fun to reflect and look back at the amazing, scary, and funny moments. I am so blessed to have Christina on board as my 2nd shooter, along with my soulmate Brian to assist. Christina is a huge asset to my business, and continually rocks my socks off with her ability to read my mind and to bring a smile to everyone's face. Even with her focus on her own business as an AMAZING newborn photographer (McGonzo Photo), she has continually poured her energy and creativity into my couples and for that, I am SO GRATEFUL. Oh and she brings the BEST dance moves to the dancefloor and beyond.

And Brian. Oh goodness. He is my emotional rock, my solid reasoning in moments of terror. Bag-carrier, light-holder, gear-manager, water boy, dog-wrangler, and occasionally 3rd shooter. His list of titles grows each year. He truly is the secret weapon behind my success.

Alright. Enough gushing. Let's get to the photos! I chose a few images from each wedding that reflect my favorite moments, details, or technique along with some behind-the-scenes (BTS) frames! All BTS frames were taken by either Christina or Brian.

I am so looking forward to 2021 with new challenges, new couples, new locations, and many many beautiful moments!

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Christina Gonzales
Christina Gonzales
26 ene 2021

What a crazy amazing year! I couldn't be more excited to be there with you through last year! Beautiful work as always friend!

Me gusta
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