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Jemma & Richard's Small Summer Wedding at The Inn on Fall River - Estes Park, Colorado Photography

Jemma and Richard's love story is something from a fairytale. Jemma had gone out with her sister and a friend just after her sister had gone through a break-up. While they were enjoying music on the patio, Richard rode up on his motorcycle to meet some friends for a beer. He hadn't wanted to ride, as the weather looked like it might rain but when he saw Jemma, something in his heart said "see that girl? I think she's the one".

Just before leaving, Richard walked straight up over to their table, said to Jemma's sister, "not all guys are bad!", dropped his business card in front of a surprised Jemma, and told her to call him if she ever wanted to go to dinner. It took three days, but when Jemma hopped on Facebook that morning and the first thing she saw was a quote saying "when the universe opens the door, don't be afraid to go through it". She picked up his card and texted him.

They immediately became best friends and before even meeting for their first date, Richard had flowers sent to Jemma's house. They met up for coffee and talked for hours. Shortly after, they enjoyed a dinner at Ocean Prime and have been inseparable ever since. Jemma fell in love with Richard's hard-working personality and solid grounded self. Richard loves her passion for family and how great of a cook she is.

A short time later, just after Thanksgiving, Richard told Jemma he wanted to start a new Christmas tradition of getting a real tree. He placed a large red box under the tree and on Christmas morning suggested they video record opening gifts. Inside the big red box were several smaller wrapped presents including a series of cards with personal stories, notes, and prayers. Inside the last card was written "green is my favorite color so open the next gift". As Jemma opened a green Christmas t-shirt that said "Merry Christmas" on it, she was completely shocked as she glanced down to the next line of text: "Will you marry me?" They both cried and Jemma said YES!

They planned an intimate wedding at The Inn on Fall River in Estes Park, Colorado to celebrate with their closest family and friends. It was a beautiful sunny morning when they said I DO and danced the afternoon away under blue bird mountain skies.

Jemma's favorite wedding memory: "The long weekend wedding was magical! Everything was just perfect!! So very blessed to have my Mom and Aunt. family and friends there to celebrate with us. And to have photos to always remember the best day of my life!"

Congrats, you two! You are amazing people and have such big hearts.

Vendor Love:

Venue: Stream Suites at Inn on Fall River

Flowers: Abloom Highlands Ranch


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