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Jordyn & Brayden's Fall Mountain Elopement - Colorado Wedding Photographer - Sarah Goff Photography

Sometimes everything lines up in the most perfect way. And sometimes it happens on your wedding day. Jordyn and Brayden contacted me a few months ago to begin dreaming up their perfect wedding and it started with the date: October 1. They wanted a quiet mountain location with easy access and beautiful fall colors to share their vows and first kiss as Mr and Mrs. And they got their wish!

They met in high school. Jordyn was the new girl for freshman year, but they didn't officially meet until Halloween of that year. Their friend groups met up and Jordyn and Brayden hit it off instantly. Brayden has a quiet and caring personality; Jordyn quickly fell for his ability to unconditionally love and ability to make her smile.

Fast forward several years. Into their lives came a little addition to their family, Clay! After he was born, Brayden wanted to take the next step and told Jordyn they were having family photos taken at his grandparent's house. When she arrived, his dad told her to go look out the back window at the elk, and when she walked over to peek out, Brayden and Clay were under the gazebo waiting for her. When he asked her to marry him, she said YES!

They decided they wanted to elope with a beautiful Colorado mountain backdrop and we began planning location ideas. Of course, I recommended Brainard Lake for its easy access and stunning views. Their families even tagged along in the background to enjoy the scenery! They shared a first look together, which was such a sweet moment. We explored the area for the last of the fall color before coming back to the lake for them to share vows.

The flower bouquet might have been forgotten at home, but it all worked out when their family members step up to save the day with not one, but TWO lovely bouquets to include in photos! We had the best time including their adorable little guy Clay as we created lasting memories and beautiful photos for the first day of their forever. Congrats, you two!

The couple's biggest planning advice: "Focus on each other and delegate the rest! You will only regret time you didn’t spend with your partner ❤️"


Bride and Groom in Colorado Mountains

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Irich Creativestudio
Irich Creativestudio
07 mar

The place looks pretty

Me gusta

24 oct 2023

Congratulations Jordie and Brayden.. Such a beautiful family. So proud of you both..

Me gusta

23 oct 2023

Such a beautiful couple in a beautiful surroundings…so proud of these two !!! Pictures are truly amazing 💕❤️

Me gusta

23 oct 2023

Soooo beautiful💜💜

Me gusta

23 oct 2023

So pretty! I love the color of the trees!

Me gusta
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