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Kaitlyn and Lance's Fall Engagement Near Breckenridge - Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography

Fall in Colorado is truly a breath-taking sight to see. With the vibrant yellows, oranges, and red aspen leaves, warm sunlight, and crisp breeze it's easily my favorite season. But it comes with its challenges as a photographer. Many clients want those beautiful fall tones in their photos and it can be a moving target to schedule a session during the fall peak.

This year, with an early freeze and snow in September, followed by drought and hot weather, it seems the trees don't quite know how to respond. Some areas have already lost their leaves, while other spots of trees are still green.

When I met up with Kaitlyn and Lance a week ago, I knew they wanted a fall backdrop for their engagement photos. We were blessed with the Silverthorn and Dillon areas being ON FIRE with color. We explored around a little pocket of forest chasing that golden sunlight and golden leaves, and finished the evening at Sapphire Point on Dillon Reservoir. It was a beautiful afternoon and so fun to get to know these two!

Kaitlyn and Lance through the Gayload Hotel and shared their first date back in 2014. They got engaged this past December and are planning a November wedding at Arrowhead Golf Course on their parents' anniversary date. I'm so excited to be a part of their special day!


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