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Shayna & Brandon's Vibrant Summer Wedding at Tapestry House - Colorado Wedding Photographer

Shayna and Brandon were dating other people in Portland, Oregon when they first met through their mutual group of friends. They would go out as a group to karaoke, and Shayna remembers watching Brandon sing and making fun of him to other friends. Some time later, the two of them ended up hanging out together at a Flugtag event. Yes, I had to Google this! It's an event in which competitors attempt to fly homemade, human-powered flying machines off a pier into the Willamette River. Something was in the air, because after knowing each other for a year, Brandon asked Shayna out on a date. They enjoyed a first date to dinner at a restaurant in Portland. They were excited, but it was the second date that left a more memorable impression on them both.

Brandon was raving to Shayna about a meteor shower that he was going to attend later that night. Shayna patiently waited for him to ask her to come along with him, but he never did. So instead, she invited herself! As it turns out, it was Brandon's plan all along - to see if Shayna would ask him if she could come along. Later that night, they laid out on a blanket to watch the meteor shower and held hands for the first time. As they walked back to the car, they shared a first kiss. And then as he drove her home... she fell asleep in the car. Yes, fell asleep on their second date. She has no memory if she snored or how long she slept. But it didn't deter Brandon and soon they were headed down the path of forever.

These two spent the next couple of years watching true crime docus, playing video games and board games, traveling the world and trying new food. While Brandon is a quiet introvert and Shayna is a bubby extrovert, they quickly found the perfect balance of spending time relaxing at home and going out to enjoy things together. They talked about marriage, but Brandon wanted to take his time and not rush.

When he was ready to take the next step in 2020, the world shut down. COVID hit hard and they spent months stuck at home. When they could travel again, Brandon knew that if they planned a trip, it would set off proposal alarms to Shayna. He had purchased the perfect ring, so in order to stay one step ahead of her, he shipped the ring to his grandma's house for safe keeping. That's one brave guy!

Brandon's sister had purchased a new lens for her camera and wanted to take it for a test drive, so they headed to the Sacramento Rose Garden. Shayna was secretly a bit bummed, since she didn't see a ring packed in Brandon's luggage. But she thought, maybe he would propose a few months later during their next planned vacation to Mexico. As they walked around the rose gardens, they found a quick break under a gazebo in the shade of the hot day. They chatted for a bit and suddenly Brandon dropped down to a knee and asked Shayne to marry him. She immediately said YES!

These two chose the Tapestry House near Fort Collins, Colorado as the backdrop for their nuptials. With it's amazing staff, all-inclusive options, and stunning garden setting it was the perfect location to celebrate with friends and family.

I am so thrilled we got to be a small part of their colorful and fun day. These two are the perfect compliment for one another! Congrats, you two!

Vendor Dream Team:

Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Hair: Megan Maggart

2nd Photographer: McGonzo Photo



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What an amazing day!!

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