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Taryn & Ethan's Late Summer Wedding at Steamboat Lake State Park - Ranch Wedding Photography

Ethan and Taryn grew up living just one mile from each other and formally met through a mutual friend. After Ethan mustered up enough courage to ask Taryn on a date, they went to a movie together in the summer of 2012. A short time later, while at the county fair, Ethan made a bargain with the Ferris Wheel operator to stop the chair at the top so that he could ask Taryn to be his girlfriend. Every year since, they have a tradition to ride the Ferris Wheel on their anniversary.

Their friendship grew as did their love for Jesus and passion for outdoor adventure. Just before Christmas in 2019 during a trip to Europe, in Prague, Ethan had plans to purpose to Taryn at the top of the Prague Castle. But after climbing almost 30 flights of spiral stairs Taryn got too dizzy, so Ethan made a quick change of plans. Later that day while walking across the Saint Charles Bridge, Ethan dropped to a knee with the Castle in the background and asked Taryn to marry him. People clapped and cheered on the bridge as she said YES!

When it came time to plan their wedding, the obvious location choice was Steamboat Lake State Park. Taryn grew up visiting her grandparents in the area and with Hahn's Peak in the background, they knew it was the perfect place for their nuptials.

Their wedding day arrived warm and.... smoky. The night before had brought tumultuous thunderstorms and rain, but when we woke up the morning of their wedding the skies had filled with haze. However, the conditions didn't put a damper on these two. Taryn was all smiles and joy when I arrived, and Ethan had a big grin surrounded by his best guys.

Taryn was a radiant bride and her bouquet was so special as it was her mom's bouquet from their wedding many years ago!

While Ethan was setting up their ceremony site in a grassy field near Steamboat Lake, a gentleman walked up and asked what the occasion was. Ethan told him, and the man replied that he was the rancher of the land and owner of a nearby old barn that Taryn adored. The man gave Ethan permission to do photos inside the barn! We were so excited to tell Taryn!

They decided not to do a First Look, but did a "no look" time together to talk and hold hands back-to-back. When Taryn walked down the aisle Ethan's eyes were filled with tears seeing his bride for the first time. A short time later, it was time to exchange rings, share vows, and secure their marriage with a kiss.

We had the best time for their bride and groom portraits and Taryn was a giddy kid in a candy shop when they headed up into the rancher's old barn. What an awesome blessing!

I could go on and on and on. It was an amazing day and these two are really are some of the most gracious and joyful people I've met. Congratulations, Taryn and Ethan!

Taryn and Ethan's biggest wedding planning advice: "Right out of the gate, identify each other's top priorities and expectations for the big day, and tackle those tasks first. Not only will that shape the vision for your Wedding day, but you get each other's most important things planned first, and from there forward, enjoy the process! Know that it takes a village to execute a wedding, and to be humble and grateful to anyone who wants to help you. Slow down the day of the wedding by looking around at your surroundings, and when you do, pick a person to flash a big smile to. This will bring you to be present in the moment! Overall, it'll be the most precious time, and you'll want to savor the feeling you had in that moment forever!"

Vendor Dream Team:

Flowers: family heirloom + DIY

Groom's Attire: Al's Formalwear

DJ: Byers Entertainment (Keith Byers)

Hair: Blondies Beauty Bar (Sarah Rogos)

Makeup: Brio Salon (Savannah)

2nd Photographer: McGonzo Photo

Officiant: Greg Deal || God's Country Cowboy Church, Loveland