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Alyssa and Eric || Abandoned Tree Farm near Johnstown Maternity Family session || Colorado photogra

Oh man, where do I begin?! Alyssa and Eric have been part of the SGP family for 3 years now. I met them for the first time as our new homes were being built; we had come out to see the progress and another car pulled up with a young couple doing the same thing. After the homes were complete and we moved in, my passion for photography really began to develop.

I had taken a photography workshop in February 2012, taught by our wedding photographers (Ardentology, if you are looking for an amazing photography basics class!). They challenged us with a 30-day-rules-of-composition project. I was so sick of photographing inanimate objects, so on a total whim I asked Alyssa and Eric (who were pregnant at the time) if they would like free photos! And by total surprise, they said YES!

We did a FREEZING cold maternity session in the dead of winter, I over-processed every image, and had no idea what I was doing. But it was the start of a beautiful, trusting friendship.

I mean... just for kicks and grins... circa early 2014...

They have been amazing neighbors, cat-sitting our crazy Luna while we travel and of course being loyal photo clients as their little family continues to grow.

Alyssa is due with their second child in October, so it was time for their updated maternity and family photos! We scheduled their session for the end of summer at an abandoned tree farm near Johnstown. It was a perfect backdrop to have some fun and get great photos!

I think I can speak for all of us when I say: a dozen mosquito bites and an inch of caked mud on our shoes didn't slow us down! Thanks again, you two. It's always fun seeing you and being your photographer.

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