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Brittany & Brandon - Denver Estate Wedding - Colorado Wedding Photographer

I had so many great opportunities last year to shoot with some INCREDIBLE wedding photographers, including the very sweet and talented Katie Baechler of Sweet Like Pie Photography. Katie is THE BEST PERSON EVER. Period.

We've worked as second shooters for each other many times and I simply adore working with her. Last September, she asked me to shoot Brittany and Brandon's private estate wedding in Centennial. The bride and groom planned a very elegant gold-accented wedding at her parent's home. It was absolutely amazing. From the individual china plates to the lantern-lined path and the enormous floral arrangements and Brittany's mint green wedding dress, no stone was left unturned.

I arrived to find Brandon surrounded by his best guys, enjoying drinks and opening his wedding gift from Brittany. In her parent's beautiful bedroom, she was surrounded by the love of her girlfriends, laughing and looking forward to the wedding.

As Brittany walked down the aisle with her grandpa, Brandon was overwhelmed with emotion. Every one of their guests were full of smiles, love, and good will for this couple. It was truly a wedding I will never forget.

Thanks Katie for inviting me along! <3

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