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Chelsea & Jace - Yuma Wedding -Colorado Wedding Photography

Quirky. Unique. And absolute fun. Those are how I would describe Chelsea and Jace.

When we first connected over video chat, I will totally admit... these two almost scared me away! They made sure to be totally honest about their personalities and background; at first I was a little intimidated, afraid to take on their engagement session and wedding. BUT - let me tell ya... I'm SO GLAD I didn't run away! I just adore these two!

If you missed their engagement photos in Fort Morgan, you can enjoy them here!

Chelsea and Jace are Yuma natives. Their first date was at Paper Moon, the only pizza place in town; Jace spent the whole evening trying to hide a mountain of used napkins behind the napkin dispenser. Every five minutes was interrupted by people they knew, walking by and asking if they were on a date. They ended up hanging together that evening at Chelsea's house, and every day after that together.

Last November, Chelsea came home from work like usual. When she unlocked her back door, she had a fleeting thought of "Hmmm, I wonder if Jace is going to propose", but thought the better of it since Thanksgiving was coming up. When she got inside, Jace was acting a little strange, or more twitterpated, as Chelsea puts it. Jace came to her with a Lego box in his hands and was going on and on about the awesome aspects of the ship. Chelsea immediately knew THE question was coming! He got down on a knee and said "So whatchya doing for the rest of your life?"

On June 24, these two began their forever during a small ceremony at the Yuma Community Center, surrounded by family and friends. It was simple, heart-felt, and perfect.

And I'm pretty sure that their brunch food was THE BEST wedding food I've had to date. Bacon, omelets, a DONUT bar, I mean c'mon! AMAZING.

These two are just incredibly fun to be around! I constantly felt welcome and their giggles are totally contagious!

When asked their favorite wedding memory, Chelsea said "Oh gosh, I love them all. Our vows were so us. That's honestly an understatement. The support from our church family was also trememdous. We both felt it the whole day".

Without further ado, here are my favorites from their special day! Congrats, you two! Much love to you both!

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