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Jessica & Brian - Dream Lake Hiking Engagement Session - Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Oh my gosh, you guys. I am literally GIDDY to share this engagement session with y'all. Jessica and Brian contacted me a month ago to book for their upcoming October wedding and schedule engagement photos. During their video consultation, I just loved their personalities and was thrilled when they requested a hiking engagement session up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

These two love birds met at Cru, a Christian missionary-based community. According to Jessica, she had a pretty big crush on Brian from the get-go... while it took Brian a little longer to realize how amazing Jessica was. The two spent a lot of time apart during various travels to different countries this year, but their relationship grew stronger.

Jessica arrived home in August from an overseas trip and was treated to a picnic at Chautauqua Park in Boulder. Brian had everything planned out, from the beautiful picnic spread and lunch to his proposal. Of course, Jessica said "YES!" and they planned a wedding in just three months!

During our hike, we chatted and discussed hobbies, families, life views, and even Colorado weather (surprise surprise!). These two needed no prompting or ice breaker or anything to get them cuddling, laughing, and loving on one another. It's clear they are MADLY passionately in love and they were a joy to be around.

At one point, I asked what their first dance song will be and they replied, "You Are the Best Thing by Ray LeMontagne". They started to sing it a little and Jessica walked over and grabbed her phone to play the song instead! Once it was over, the music kept playing and the two of them jammed out, sang, and danced together in the middle of the Rockies. It was bliss.

The fall colors in the area were perfect and views of Longs Peak were as clear as glass. I've rarely seen more perfect conditions for a photo session than we had!

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