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Denver Botanic Gardens (York Street) Wedding - Urban Garden Wedding Photography - Andrea & Gilbe

Two and a half years ago, Andrea and Gilbert signed their marriage license and made it official, but without the celebration and beauty of a wedding. Shortly after, they welcomed their first child into the world and life.... well, happened! They had grand plans to have a real wedding, but those plans never quite came to fruition. They finally decided it was time to get dressed up and create some beautiful memories and photos to celebrate their marriage.

When Andrea reached out to me with their idea for photos at the Denver York Street Botanic Gardens, I may have squealed a little! The Botanic Gardens are a BEAUTIFUL location for photos, with an endless variety of colors, textures, and biomes.

Andrea and Gilbert included so many fun details in their celebration. They cut and shared a piece of wedding cake, even had their rings cleaned and exchanged their rings, and made new memories strolling through the lush gardens. What a fun afternoon! I'm so thrilled to have met these two and shared in their celebration of love!

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