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Shrine Pass Engagement Photos - Vail Wedding Photographer - Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography -

Receiving a photo session inquiry from a fellow photographer might be one of the most terrifying and flattering moments in a photographer's life. It's also an incredible opportunity to really make magic. When Julia reached out to me with "I want to do a session that you are 100% into. Which means I want to totally put the session in your hands. Even down to wardrobe if it helps the vision! Is that... allowed?" my heart may have fluttered a bit. There's something INCREDIBLE that happens when a client puts their full trust in your professional and creative vision.

We began chatting photo ideas and locations. I had to sit down and really think about what DOES make me tick? What's drives me, where do I find inspiration?

The answer lay in a wildflower-strewn hillside overlooking 13,000 peaks in the back-country of Colorado.

I envisioned an afternoon of adventuring above treeline, exploring a new area and really bringing the beauty of our state to realization. And we got exactly that.

Brian and I photographed a wedding in Evergreen the day before our schedule meet up with Julia and Christian. We crashed in Keystone that night and spent the next day scouting the perfect location: Shrine Pass. With its lush meadows and surrounding peaks, it was THE PERFECT INSPIRATION for a beautiful anniversary session with these two.

And in true Colorado fashion, one small cloud grew into a regional thunderstorm and rain and hail, and snow (just kidding). By the time we met that afternoon for adventuring, it was downpouring. I was thrilled when Julia and Christian were both up for anything! While the clouds stayed for the duration of our time together, it made for dramatic skies and amazing, rich colors.

Oh, and their fur babies, Nash and Khaleesi, maaaaayyyyyy have stolen the show at the beginning. Pretty darn cute doggies, if you ask me.

Julia and Christian were married just two years ago and they wanted to celebrate their anniversary with some quintessential Colorado photos. They are such fun people, quirky and flexible. I'm honored to have had the chance to adventure with these two and get to know them just a little. Congrats, you two! Here are a few of my favorites from our AMAZING time together. Julia, thank you girl. This fed my soul.

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