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Summer Wedding in the Yakima Valley - Washington Wedding Photographer - Sarah Goff Photography - Car

My story with Curt and Carrie begins more than a decade ago. Brian and I spend every Christmas back home in Yakima, Washington with his family, at their cabin near Mt Rainier. We've flown back there at least once a year for almost 12 years, visiting old friends, seeing family, and catching some serious R&R. One of the traditions we started many years ago was catching up with Brian's childhood friend, Curt. We'd meet at the local Indian restaurant for lunch and swap life stories and LOTS of yum food.

Curt and Brian grew up together in a small community as children. When Brian went to a different school, they lost touch. Life paths brought them back together in 2006, and it's been so fun for Brian getting to know the adult Curt. However, there was a missing piece in his life: a wifey. Curt went through some tough times and emotionally challenging periods. Brian and I always "joked": "Gosh, we need to find Curt a WIFE!" Enter: Carrie.

Curt met Carrie at a BBQ last summer and HONEST-TO-GOODNESS, it was love at first sight. We've been praying for these two for YEARS and oh my gosh. We met Carrie last Christmas (you guessed it! Indian food!) and she's the sweetest, quirkiest, BEST FIT for Curt.

These two share a passion for Christ, outdoors, and each other. They decided (jokingly) to set a wedding date for 08.18.18 before they realized how popular that date would be. And soon after, they were in full wedding planning mode. They decided to have their ceremony at their church in Yakima with a BEAUTIFUL reception on a hillside overlooking the Yakima Valley of Washington. And when they contacted me to photograph their special day, I WAS 100% THRILLED.

We nailed down the details, booked flights, and coordinated with family for accommodations. And in the blink of an eye, it was time! Brian, Christina, and I flew to Seattle for their wedding.

Their day arrived hot and exciting. With full sunshine and REALLY smoky skies, Curt and Carrie shared one of the most beautiful (and tear-jerking) first looks I've witnessed. They exchanged vows and rings in a beautiful church, and jetted off to a private property for an evening of celebration. I can't begin to tell the story with justice. Photos will have to do!

Curt and Carrie - you two were CRAFTED for one another. No doubt about it. I'm HONORED to have been a small part of your big day. Congrats, you two! I wish and pray for you many, MANY happy years of this crazy beautiful journey we call marriage. Cheers!

Venue: Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church, Yakima WA

Dress: David's Bridal

Flowers: Linda Mathews

HMUA: Onyx Salon & Spa (Arlyne)

2nd Photographer: Christina Gonzales

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