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Nancy and Monte's Fall Wedding at Wedgewood Weddings Ken Caryl - Denver, Colorado Mountain Weddi

Nancy and Monte met in high school. They sat together in a jewelry class as freshmans. Two years later, Nancy made the first move and they shared their first date at McDonald's for ice cream. I could say the rest is history, but there's so much about their story I want to share!

One of Nancy's dreams was to own a vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Monte knew he wanted to propose to her with her dream car and spent the months leading up to the event hunting for a project car that he could fix up and give to her. Day after day, nothing really caught his attention until one day, a teal 1972 Super Beetle in mint condition popped up for sale. During work, Monte rushed over to meet with the seller, take the car for a quick loop, and bought it on the spot. He drove the car back to work and slowly get it back in decent running order, all the while Nancy hadn't a clue.

The next step was to buy her the perfect ring, which Monte says was the easiest part of the whole process. The first ring he had looked at stuck in his head and he finally went back to buy it. That October, he and Nancy headed up to Lookout Mountain for a fall hike. They came around the corner to park and there sat a beautiful bright tel 1972 Super Beetle. Nancy's eyes widened as Monte pulled up behind it. She muttered something about loving that look and would want one just like it. Monte said, "Let's go take a look", but she wouldn't get out of the car. Finally, to get her out of the car, he threw the Beetle keys at her! Screaming, she ran over to her new baby and as she looked it over in delight, Monte dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him.

...but the story doesn't stop there. Nancy actually walked away, totally stunned. She finally came back and said YES! Monte's roommate was part of the surprise and was hiding, secretly snapping photos of the surprise!

When Monte and Nancy decided to have me photograph their wedding, we immediately began plans for their engagement photos to include the dream Beetle. We met up at Lookout Mountain to relive the special location. If you missed their engagement photos, be sure to catch them here!

They chose Wedgewood Weddings Ken Caryl in southwest Denver for their wedding, for it's close proximity to the foothills and beautiful golf course nearby. Their day was a typical autumn day in Colorado: full sun and warmth, followed by a crisp evening. While they kept their wedding simple, it was filled with heart-felt elements: from the custom wine tumblers Nancy gave to her girls and mugs Monte gave to his guys and wedding monogram included on the cake to the mariachi band and tender daddy-daughter dance. Not gonna lie, I had a hard time fighting back tears while Feliciano held his daughter during their dance.

When asked, Monte's favorite thing about Nancy is "her Mexican culture and deep family ties. I never knew how important family really was til meeting her". As toasts were being shared, the love he had in his eyes for Nancy was tangible. And to reciprocate, Nancy adores Monte's open mind and his way of protecting and caring for the people closest to him.

Oh.... and the story STILL doesn't stop there! Before their ceremony, Monte pulled us aside and explained that there would be a surprise proposal during the reception that evening. One of his groomsman planned to propose to Nancy's sister! Monte said, "It's a family thing..." Turns out that Nancy's parents were married on October 20, Monte proposed to Nancy on October 20, and they got married on October 20. It only seemed a perfect progression for Ruby to share in the same traditions.

Sure enough, the DJ got everyone ready for the bouquet toss, all single ladies on the dance floor.... Nancy counted to three...... and turned around to hand her bouquet to Ruby. As Ruby turned around, Tom had dropped to a knee to ask her to marry him. The room exploded in cheers! It was such an honor to be a part of so many amazing moments!

Their biggest wedding advice: "Don't sweat the details and be in the moment on the big day, weddings go by in a flash".

Let's get to the photos! Oh my gosh, I'm so thrilled to share my favorites. Congrats to the newlyweds, may you have many happy years to come!

Flowers: Amore Fiori

Dress: David's Bridal

DJ: DJ Maestro

Officiant: Chris Mohr (Amazing Weddings and Ceremonies)

Videography: WOW Weddings Denver

2nd Photographer: Christina Gonzales

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