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Kaylene & Will's Engagement Adventure in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park - Colorado Wedding Photographer

I first met up with Kaylene and Will at Rock Bottom for afternoon drinks to get to know them and chat wedding plans. I had no idea that the restaurant was tapping their Fire Chief Ale with celebrations that included a LIVE bagpipe ensemble. It was a wild time of shouting, discussing flowers and wedding timelines, and laughing at the entire crazy event! I thought for sure, they'd run the other direction when we got done.

But when I asked them if they had any other questions, Will replied, "Yeah. Would you like to be our wedding photographer?" It was so perfect and I cannot wait to witness their wedding this coming August!

Kaylene and Will are just plain good people. They are both graphic designers and met through work. She's from North Carolina and Will has lived most of his life in Colorado. These two love to hike and visit new breweries, people after my own heart!

They chose the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park as the backdrop for engagement photos. We explored around the park, chasing sunlight last weekend and it was perfect! With spring just around the corner, there's a slight green glow in the grass and the trees are beginning to bud out. Here are a few of my favorites before I deliver the entire gallery! Enjoy, you two!


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