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Rachel and David's Summer Wedding at Stove Prairie Ranch - Fort Collins Colorado Wedding Photography

Rachel and David met at Boot Bar and Grill in Fort Collins by total random happenstance. Rachel had gone with a friend who had turned 21 for live music and $1 Coors Lights to be DD since she wasn’t 21 yet. The place was packed and there was only a little spot left at the end of a long table filled with guys. Rachel ended up sitting next to David, while she and her friend shared their nacho order with the guys. Later that night Rachel and David went to a bonfire and seemed to hit it off. A month later David left for an internship and the communications ceased. Almost a year later, he texted Rachel out of the blue to take her out to dinner and the rest is history!

When it came time to propose, David cooked up a pretty good surprise for Rachel. David LOVES to surprise Rachel and while she hates surprises, this one was a goodie. Last August, David wanted to go camping and refused to tell Rachel anything about where they were “camping” other than there was a roof and an indoor toilet. They ended pulling up to a gorgeous Adobe house in Florissant, CO near 11 Mile Reservoir. The house was huge and backed up to national forest land where they were able to hike and fish the next morning. When they returned back from a hike, Rachel's best friend and family arrived as a surprise! That evening, after dinner, they all sat outside watching the sunset. David asked Rachel to be his forever.

These two love the Great Outdoors, so it only seemed natural to choose a wedding venue that boasts a similar atmosphere. Stove Prairie Ranch is a beautiful hidden gem in the foothills west of Fort Collins, Colorado. With surrounding views, horses, and beautiful buildings, it's a perfect location for nuptials. These two chose August for their event and even with 2020 throwing everything possible at these two, they were able to enjoy their friends and family on a beautiful summer day.

The couple's biggest wedding planning advice: "Even when it gets stressful remember that it’s a day about you two, not to impress others."

Congrats, you two! May you be blessed with many years of happiness and adventures together.

Vendor Dream Team:

Flowers: wild posies

Dress: David's Bridal

Catering: Fresh Plate Catering & Cafe

Cake: Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet

2nd Photographer: McGonzo Photo